Who are The Barbell Club?

Welcome to The Barbell Club. We are a fitness and leisure wear brand who's aim is to break the mould in the fitness wear industry... but we are more than that. Our focus is to promote Mental Health awareness through the use of this brand and create a mental and physical well-being community via The Barbell Club.

Mental health does not discriminate, your mental health is just as important as your physical health and this is why we have created this brand. We want to promote both mental and physical well-being, because of this mission, The Barbell Club was born.

At the end of the year 10% of profits will be donated to a mental health charity. 

The name 'The Barbell Club' was created because we want people to feel like they are never alone, they are part of a club. Mental health will effect around 1 in 4 of us in the UK alone, many people are afraid to talk and the common factor is that people feel like they are weak if they talk about it. This is far from the truth. It takes bravery to get help, it takes bravery to speak up. 

There is help available, you can beat Anxiety, Depression and the other many mental health issues. It's okay not to be okay and remember: it's okay to seek help.

Join the Club and be part of our mission to promote mental health awareness.